June 21, 2017

Adam + Kimberly | Absarokee, MT | St. Olaf Church | Anipro Event Center

Good Ole' Absarokee, MT, the same town that Eric and I got married 5 years ago. When I first met with Adam and Kimberly they told me about this tiny church they found out in the middle of nowhere and that's where they planned to get married. I was excited to see this church for months and was so anxious on the day of the wedding that we showed up to the church an hour early... just so I could scope it out in advance!! It was exactly how I hoped it would be and the simplicity of it made me reflect on how beautiful life and things can be when left to simplicity.

Now, to talk about the wedding day. I could tell you about how Adam + Kimberly planned fun events for their guests the days after their wedding...like a rafting trip (I secretly wanted to join)!!! I could tell you about the games they had at the reception or the open bar where they had Go Pro's attached to whiskey bottles and shot boards. Or, how they invited people to bring their campers to the reception and enjoy the night without worry of driving. I could talk about how laid back they were and when the wind outrageously picked up, Kimberly didn't turn into a bridezilla, and continued to wear a big dimple smile the entire day! Orrrr, I could even talk about how this man showed up (in the middle of nowhere) while we were doing pictures to deliver more beer + twisted teas, and how extremely excited that made the bridal party after hours of photos! Ohhh... and one last thing, I could share about these adorable twin boys (with cake decorating their faces) at the reception blowing me kisses and how they completely made my heart melt!

However, what I want to share is a story of two outsiders (me and Eric) and how we viewed the two people getting married. First, Kimberly and her bridesmaids. OHHH-M-G!!! As I spent time with these ladies before the ceremony I noticed they ALL had a unique closeness. I've seen a bride close with each of her bridesmaids before, but never a group of girls who were all so close to one another, in addition to being close and supportive of the bride. There were many times right in the middle of laughter and fun where a bridesmaid would get uncontrollably emotional and shed tears for their sweet friend, Kimberly.

Secondly, Kimberly. I started to notice during her getting ready photos how much love she had inside her. She didn't want anyone to be left out of her special day. Traditionally, the maid of honor, bridesmaids, and mother of the bride help the bride get ready, but Kimberly made sure everyone was part of her getting ready experience. She had her mom help her with jewelry, dad help her with the veil, and her grandmother and sister help her with her shoes. Even the ring bearer got to bring her the veil and one of the flower girls got to do an early dance with the bride during the getting ready photos.

Then, as the day and night went by I noticed Kimberly embrace all her guests with hugs, and not just any hug, but giant hugs! I was confident she wasn't going to let her guests get away once she grabbed them and threw her arms around them. It was authentic and refreshing!

Then, there was Adam. From the first time I met him, I could tell he cared deeply for Kimberly. It wasn't in his words so much (though he did that too), but in his actions. When he walked he led her, when he talked he included her, and his presence told me he would always provide for her. This was even more evident at the wedding when he was continuously by her side and it was also evident that he fully understood it was forever a "we" and "us" and no longer an "I" in life.

Lastly, overhearing guest talk and listening to the speeches we often heard how Adam has a heart for helping others. We aren't sure what others meant by this, but we do know that his helping hand has impacted people in big ways and it has now impacted me! It opened my eyes to areas in my own life where I could also help my loved ones and friends. Many people can say they had a beautiful wedding, with beautiful flowers, cakes, decorations, and so on, but truthfully most of those things on a wedding day will fade or lose importance over time, but a day celebrated with love, with not only each other, but with your friends and family is truly something that will never be regretted and will hold a spot of importance in your life - forever! That's exactly what these two did on their wedding day!

CONGRATULATIONS again, Adam and Kimberly Kern! We're excited to see all the wonderful things you two do and the legacy you create together.

Advocates For Great Marriages & Simple Living