April 6, 2019

Milliken Park Family & Engagement Photo Session

I'm getting to share these photos from my first family session here in Spartanburg, SC just in time to announce my Spring Mini Sessions. I'll announce it on social media soon, but they'll be coming in May! Stay tuned to find out more details. For now, though, I'll be bragging on this awesome family and their shoot!

You'll notice my style for family photos is a more candid approach. I definitely try to get some shots of everyone smiling and looking at the camera, but sometimes it's those in between moments that are the sweetest photos of them all. In these photos you'll notice the sweet hugs that mom gives the kiddos, the funny faces the little guy makes, or him eating some delicious grass, or at the very end of the session when the little girl ran across a field to come up to me and let me know that she was totally over the photo session. I chased her around with my camera all afternoon and all she wanted to do is play with some new friends she spotted at the park. She ran up to me saying, "Ok, ok, that's enough!" and then tried to cover my lens with her little hand. Ha! She willingly stuck through the session for about an hour (that's a long time for a kiddo), but then I just kept shooting (I'm soooo guilty of going over on my sessions because I just can't stop trying to capture cute moments).

She was totally over the paparazzi though (can't you picture this scenario with a celebrity when all they want to do is enjoy life but they have a camera on them 24-7)?I laughed. It was the cutest thing that had happened all afternoon. To make up for it I let her snap a few photos with my camera and I even included one in this blog. It's toward the end, and it's a picture of the grass and the sky. I think she did a pretty good job, don't you?

Oh! Wanna know something else cool? Chuck just proposed to Summer (mom) right before this session, so I was able to grab a few photos of just the two of them together, too! How perfect was that!? They were the kind of couple that was 100% comfortable and natural with each other. I wanted to try to pose them, but they were already doing something cute so I'd just snap a few photos and the results were pretty darn authentic and adorable - no posing necessary! I especially love the photo where he is whispering something in her ear and she is covering her mouth as if he made her blush!!!

As I scroll through these photos one last time, I imagine what these will mean to the kiddos one day. The beauty of candids is the memories behind the moments. The kids having a tender moment with their mom, the laughter that will come in 20 years when they look back and see that they were eating grass, and all the joy they experienced at this time in their lives. THIS is why I love photography - a moment in time that might have been forgotten if not for a camera to capture it to let that memory last for a lifetime.