March 27, 2017

Riviera Maya Wedding | Iberostar All Inclusive Resort | Chas + Cortney

What better way to start out the 2017 wedding season? I flew into Cancun, Mexico with my second shooter a couple days in advance so we could scope out the area before the day of the wedding and we were completely blown away by all the unique and vibrant architecture, not to mention the most beautiful white sand and aqua beaches...just see for yourself!

I'm also happy to announce that I'll be opening my books for 3-5 destination weddings every year!

I love the simplicity with pops of pink that Cortney included into all her details.

Now let's take a minute to pause and discuss how brilliant these bikini shirts were? Cortney told me about her idea to do this in place of matching robes over coffee one day and ever since that day I couldn't wait to photograph these babes rocking these shirts!!

Wait...let's stop and pause again! THESE SPEEDOS were the groom's gift to his groomsmen. He also told me about this over coffee before the wedding and I was so excited for these shots!!! Not because it's men in speedos, but because it was SO CHAS!!! He does improv comedy in Billings with Projectile Comedy, and I don't think there was any better idea than this for him and his guys. We definitely had an audience on the beach that morning!

Cortney had such a unique thing going for her. She not only had EIGHT bridesmaids, but eight bridesmaids that traveled to a different country to stand by her on her wedding day. This definitely told me a lot about Cortney, and what type of friend she must be, and I got a small taste of that by how she extended invite after to invite to join them on their day to day activities leading up to the wedding day. The sweetest!!!

These ceremony photos made me want to get married all over again. There is pure JOY written all of their faces. You can tell that Chas and Cortney are madly in LOVE, but also BEST FRIENDS!!!

^^^^^^^^^^^^ Do you see what I'm talking about????

The photos below are SO Chas and Cortney from the little bit I got to know them. They are fun, funny, carefree, and again, best friends! I love seeing personalities come out in a photograph!!

One last thing that is important to mention is that these two are HUGE Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of The Rings Fans (look at the very last picture in my previous blog to see their amazing Harry Potter/Star Wars engagement photo). They were ecstatic when there was a man at the resort who was making balloon animals a couple days before the wedding... which lead to another brilliant idea, sword balloons for some reception party fun!!!

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