February 3, 2019

UNC Chapel Hill Engagement Session

Last April after shooting a wedding in Savannah, GA we made our way up to the beautiful campus in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to shoot an engagement session. UNC Chapel Hill is one of our favorite spots to spend a weekend. Now that we live in Spartanburg, SC we are extremely excited to catch a Tar heels basketball game one of these weekends. Speaking of Tar Heels basketball this future groom of ours, Joel Berry, was a stand out player there over the last few years. He even scored many achievements, one being the 2017 Final Four Most Outstanding Player Award. Equally as impressive, his future bride, Kelsey Porter, a dancer and cheerleader for UNC. The two of them combined are a 100% power couple, but our short time with them proved that they were the most genuine and down to earth people you could ever meet. We are so excited to capture their wedding this summer and spend more time getting to know them, their family and friends. We know they have amazing chemistry behind the camera so our jobs will be pretty easy. Take a peek at these amazing engagement photos to see what I mean :)

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