Moving to Columbus, Ohio

Many of you have been waiting for the update on what our summer 2022 looks like and we finally have an answer – we are moving to Columbus, Ohio near the Grandview Heights area. OH-IO !! We have considered the move back to Montana, where my husband is from, but instead we are going to Ohio, where I grew up.

I grew up in the Hocking Hills in Southern Ohio and all of my family still lives back there (mom, dad, sister, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, niece, and nephew), so we are taking this opportunity to be close to my family for a bit. Eric will be interning at a Chiropractic Office in Ashville, Ohio and we are really looking forward to the new adventure.

I’ll be transitioning to photographing more families, children, and personal branding. I will always love weddings, but because I’m wanting to start my own family, I’m going to start taking on fewer weddings in my calendar year. Weddings are not only hard on the body, but the travel keeps me away from my family more than I prefer.

We’ve loved out time here in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I’ve made lifelong friends and clients. Yes, I said clients! I promise I’ll be back here and there to take on some sessions as your families continue to grow. We’ve also loved being able to head to Charleston or Hilton Head for a long weekend and we know those place will be part of our future in one way or the other.

Ohio Clients,

HELLO! I’ve been photographing families in addition to weddings since 2013. I started full-time professional photography in Montana and continued in South Carolina while my husband attended Chiropractic school. Most people describe me as calm and laid back. It’s the same way I approach a family photography session. I can get goofy for the kids if need be, but I find most of the time that they just need a little time to warm up to me in an atmosphere that feels safe and calm for them.

I never push a child to do something they don’t want to do. If they are crying, we just wait it out, because kids cry sometimes. It’s no big deal! I’ve found the more demanding someone is of a child that is sad or mad, then the worse the situation becomes. I instead shift the focus to another child or mom and dad to give an upset child a little break. Often times, they’ll start playing in the dirt and forget all about whatever they were upset about!

Speaking of playing in the dirt, let them play! My sessions are all about authentic moments because I provide you with an album that tells a story of your life exactly how it is right now. I’ll of course get a photo of you all looking at the camera, but if I only did that, then there wouldn’t be a story to tell. Life isn’t about forced smiles looking into a camera. It’s about your kids playing together, making funny faces, giving you a smooch on the cheek, exploring nature, and having fun with mom a dad! These are the moments you’ll want to remember, the memories that you’ll retell over and over, and the stories you’ll tell your grandkids one day.

I’m really excited to start becoming part of the community around the Grandview and New Albany area. I likely won’t blog much after this because I always prefer to spend my time shooting, editing, and creating your albums, but if you need anything or have more questions then feel free to shoot me an email at .

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